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Gainesville Florida Rhinoplasty

Nothing has a greater impact on how a person looks than the size and shape of their nose. The decision to alter such an influencing feature is not an easy one for a person to make and they worry about the outcome. Most patients seeking rhinoplasty are not looking for the “perfect” nose nor are they looking to wear someone else’s nose. The aim is usually an aesthetically pleasing and proportionately appropriate nose for their face. But the question remains for the patient “what will I look like after?”

Depending on the work to be done, your rhinoplasty procedure may utilize a closed technique or an open technique. The incisions for closed rhinoplasty are made entirely on the inside of the nose whereas open rhinoplasty requires an additional small incision made on the underside of the nose on the skin between the nostrils. A consultation with Dr. Brill’s staff will determine the proper solution for you. 


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